Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Am I alone in my love of peas?
Am I by myself in thinking that pretty much every dish can be improved by a handful of frozen green spheres?
I know so many people who dislike peas, but I say what is there not to love, chuck a few in to a seemingly fat laden, unhealthy slut of a meal and it is immediately redeemed into being vaguely healthy and with one of your five a day.

All hail the mighty Pea.

I am a little sad that the podded pea season is drawing to a close for another year, but am truly thankful for the bags of little green balls of sunshine sitting in my freezer.

To prove my point I took a very simple spag bog and turned it into a colourful pasta bolognase with the aid of peas, chunky cut red peppers and chopped mushrooms, served on a bed of Riccioli - my new favourite pasta shape. Voila!

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