Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Curried Shepherds Pie

Do you ever find a recipe and think mmm - must try that, cook it and find it is delish and then promptly forget or lose the recipe with no hope of finding it again? 
Well that is what has happened with this Curried Shepherds Pie
The photos (albeit bad photos) have been sitting on my desktop for an absolute age waiting for me to find the recipe so I can write it up, well I don't think there is any hope.  I can guess what went in it:-

Minced lamb (or beef)
Carrots, diced
Peas, no doubt frozen
onions chopped
Curry powder and/or garam masala
New potatoes diced and I think par boiled and then tossed in curry powder and lemon juice, then placed on top of the mince and veg.
Chopped coriander and soured cream/creme fraiche to serve

But the quantities and cooking times are all a mystery.  I will experiment again at some point and update on my findings, but for now it can sit on the blog as an aide memoir.

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