Thursday, 23 January 2014

Partridge Ragu

New Year and time to clear out the freezer and start afresh. I found a Partridge and various legs off duck, partridge and pheasant all stashed away and noticed the date on the packaging was for over a year ago! So came up with what I hoped would be a good recipe to show off the game birds, without highlighting their freezer frost and age. I decided on a lovely slow cooked ragu.

Partridge Ragu
Serves 4 Approx. 10 WW Pro Points per serving.

1 Partridge or any other game bird you have lurking around
1 onion, diced
1 stick celery, diced,
1 carrot diced,
4 cloves garlic,
75g cubed pancetta
1 can chopped tomatoes

big squeeze tomato puree
800ml fresh stock - I used the last of the Xmas turkey stock
2 bay leaves
1 tsp thyme
10 juniper berries, crushed
1 glass red wine - 175ml
1 tbsp oil

Roast your bird and leave to cool.  discard the skin and shred the meat.

Get the stock on the boil in a pan and reduce by 2/3rd, especially if you are using fresh stock, this will intensify the flavours and allow you to skim off any impurities..

Add the oil to a large shallow pan and add the carrot, onion & celery and slowly sweat them off until translucent and soft - do not allow them to colour.  Add the finely sliced garlic and cook out.  Once cooked remove them from the pan and set to one side.

Add the pancetta to the pan and fry, add the shredded partridge and cook until they have taken on a little colour.

Pour in the wine and sizzle, scraping up all the yummy bits from the bottom of the pan.  Add back in the veg along with the tomatoes and puree, herbs and juniper berries. Season.

Slowly simmer until reduced, thick and unctuous about 45mins to an hour.

Season and serve over freshly made pasta - yes, whilst I was cooking hubby was making pasta! with a grating of parmesan over the top. Mmmmm  (Pasta not included in PP count above)

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