Monday, 6 April 2009

Indonesian Pork & Rice

My sister in law is the most wonderful cook, she specialises in Indonesian food which she has learnt from her father who is also a really skilled cook learning all from his Indonesian heritage. One of my favourite recipes that I have learnt from them and altered to suit is a dish usually made from pork mince, cooked with garlic and chili and sweet soy sauce all cooked together. I cannot remember the original recipe as I have been playing with it for years and the ingredients change. This time I used Belly Pork Slices and made the sauce separately.
500g Pack Belly Pork Slices - with skin on.

Season them and place on a wire rack and put into the oven approx 200oc from 30 minutes. They skin will become golden and crispy and all the fat will drain away.

For the sauce I use a 50/50 mix of Ketchup Manis - dark sweet soy sauce and Maggi Ein Echte Liquid Seasoning. I get these shipped over from Holland where S-I-L lives, but similar can be found in local supermarkets. I would suggest approx 4 tbls of each and 2 tbls ginger syrup as it is a rich sauce and you only want a few spoonfuls to drizzle over. I had run out of my usual ginger syrup so used stem ginger in syrup and chopped up a couple of pieces. Put these in a saucepan and reduce down a little.

Served the pork on some onion fried rice with some fine beans mixed in. and the sauce over the top.

A firm favourite in our household.

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