Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fish Pie

I have always loved fish pie, but sighed at the thought of having to poach the fish before hand, leave it to cool then flake the fish, whilst making a bechamel sauce and boiling the potatoes. It would always end up with a very fishy smelling kitchen and could be rather messy so I made them infrequently.

Until that is, I thought - why do I need to poach the fish? ... tradition? hmm maybe, its what my Mother and Grandmother both did, so I thought I would start a new tradition.

I have spoken many times of Gordon our great Fishmonger, he was once asked why his fish pies were so much better than the ones the person asking made, he replied "that's because I put twice as much fish in as you do". I remember those words when making my Firsh Pies.

Fish Pie

Fillet of Smoked Haddock - undyed
Fillet of Cod or Coley or any other white fish
Large Salmon Steak
Handful of prawns
Couple handfuls Frozen Peas
Homemade bechemel sauce - butter, flour, milk, pepper
Finely chopped parsley - enough to suit.
Mashed potatoes
Grated Cheese - I know its fish and cheese, but hey, I love a crispy cheese topping on mash.

Oh, so simple. Oven on at 200oc. skin and de-bone the fish.
Cut into hearty chunks, they keep their shape once cooked, giving you something to bite into.
Boil your potatoes and mash.
Make up your white sauce - usually its around 3/4pt, add chopped parsley.
Pour the sauce over the fish and prawns and peas, mix well.
Add the mash to the top with cheese if you wish.
Pop into oven for 25-35mins.

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