Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pork & Chilli Goulash

This is a brilliant recipe to scale up and do for a crowd of people. It can sit in the oven for hours until you are ready for it. Taken from the Jamie Oliver Cook at Home book a very pleasing and hearty dish. These quantities feed 4-6.

Pork & Chilli Goulash

2kg Pork shoulder, off the bone, skin off, fat left on.
2 Red onions - slices
2 Fresh chillies, de-seeded and chopped
2 Heaped tablespoons mild smoked paprika
2 Tsp Caraway seeds
Small bunch Marjoram or Oregano
5 Peppers - Capsicum/bell peppers - mixture of colours - sliced
280g jar of grilled peppers, chopped
400g can plum tomatoes
4 tbs red wine vinegar.

Heat the oven to 180oc. Heat a large ovenproof pot on the hob. Score the fat on the pork, season with S&P, cook the pork fat side down in a glug of olive oil for 15 mins on medium heat to render the fat. Remove pork.
Add onions, chilli, paprika, caraway seeds, marjoram/oregano leaves and more S&P. Lower heat and cook for 10 mins.
Add the peppers, grilled peppers and tomatoes.
Put the pork back in the pot and mix. Pour in enough water to cover the meat.
Add the vinegar.
Bring to the boil and place in the oven for 3 hours or so - the meat is cooked when it pulls apart with two forks, if it does not, then pop it back in the oven for longer.
I serve it all pulled apart on a large serving dish, with boiled rice and soured cream and some chopped parsley.

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