Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fried Five Spice Chicken

As one of my treats for my 40th, my sister in law's father Norman, cooked a fabulous Indonesian Banquet, he included many of my favourite delicious dishes, but a new one he added and a really simple one was Fried Five Spice Chicken.

Ridiculously easy, but so very tasty and quite special.

2 Chicken breasts, sliced in to thin strips
Flour to coat
Chinese 5 Spice mix
Salt & Pepper
Oil to shallow fry

Mix about 2 tbsp flour with approx 2 tsp Chinese 5 spice and add a hefty grind of pepper and salt and mix together thoroughly.

Heat oil in a pan, I have a deep sided wok and filled it to a depth of an inch, this is enough to cover the little strips of chicken.

Dredge the chicken in the flour mix and add about 6 pieces to the hot oil and fry until crispy, should only take a couple of minutes, turning them once, remove onto a piece of kitchen roll to drain and repeat.

I served this on a noodle and vegetable stirfry, very very scrummy.

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