Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Banana Pancakes

This is just such a simple recipe that packs in taste and is low on calories. Picked up from Pinterest it was one I had to try because I could not believe it would be any good, I was so wrong.

Banana Pancakes
Makes 12 small pancakes approx at 4 pro points total!

1 soft banana
2 eggs
1 cal spray

Mash the banana, beat in the eggs.
Heat a frying pan and squirt in the 1 cal spray.

Use a desert spoon full of batter and drop into the pan.
Fry for a minute each side and serve!

The little beauties are lovely, they have the texture of fluffy pancakes or drop scones without the flour and are sweet enough not to have any added sugar, which is just as well as they are addictive.

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