Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Baked Lamb Shanks - Jamie Oliver

The finished product!

Easter saw us in Holland with my Brother and his family.  It fell to my Bro and I to make Easter Sunday lunch for 10.  This we did by using a lovely Jamie Oliver recipe to be found HERE.

Lamb, in Holland is not the popular meat that it is in the UK, so Dan had specially order these Lamb Shanks and it turned out that they were the perfect choice.  It was great fun to individually parcel up these joints with their own herby butter and vegetables and a glug of wine, then wallop them in the oven for 3 hrs on 160oc w/fan and pretty much forget about them.  Which allowed us time to start on the fizz and dance along to the Bee Gee's

It made for quite an entrance to the dining room, 10 silver parcels, each shank was then unpacked and served with masses of mashed potato, boiled cabbage and their own juicy sauce.  Extremely simple to make, utterly delicious and quite a showstopper.

Packaging up the shanks in foil, on a bed of carrots, leeks & onions with a glug of white wine and stuffed with herby butter

Parcels, ready for the oven.

The Easter merrymakers!

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