Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Brisket & Beer

Since starting my blog I have noticed that I cook a lot of hearty comfort food and Monday night was no different. I found a recipe here for Pot Roasted Brisket in Beer with Parsnips and Mushrooms.

My eventual dish varied slightly in that I used a smaller joint around 600g, I had no celery or flat mushrooms - using the remainder of the Chestnut mushrooms instead, forgot to add the Dijon mustard - doh! I also only needed to cook the joint, (which managed to unfurl in the pan, but made it easier to carve) for 2 and half hours. I served it with fresh Polish Bread to soak up all the juices. It was pretty delicious and the Brisket was lovely and tender. Hubby has requested this again.

This blog is a good way to remember all the dishes I have tried, as invariably I would forget, it also high lights our eating patterns. Time for something lighter I think - step away from the stodge!

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