Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Winter Blues

Blurgh, blah, yukky. Basically that is how I feel at the moment. I am so fed up with the miserable winter weather I desperately need to see some sun, feel a little bit of warmth and not to have to leave home in the dark and arrive back in the dark. I don't think it is helped much by such such depressing news every time I open the newspaper or watch a bulletin - economy, recession, credit not to mention, stabbing, shooting, murder.

I think it all mounts up on a person and slowly drags you down, so I have attached a photo to cheer me of our 2008 summer holiday in Menorca, we were indulging in our favourite pastime of people watching whilst enjoying a long lunch in Cala Fons with a bottle of chilled rose, tapas to nibble on, probably Pulpo Galacia (Octopus on boiled potato with pimenton and olive oil), anchovies in oil and garlic and Ablongdias (meatballs in tomato sauce) with fresh bread to mop up the remaining sauce, followed by a cafe solo (espresso) and a shot of Xorigeur Herb Gin as a digestive before wandering back to the villa for a well earned siesta.

All this doom and gloom has had an effect on my cooking of late, far to much comfort food going, no real enthusiasm for trying new recipes, its all pasta, potatoes and pies at the moment, although the Baked Gnocchi from Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking was delicious, I did feel terrible naughty and stodgy afterwards. Hubby is currently away in Spain for a week, probably another reason for my dour demeanour, but it does mean that all the meals I popped into the freezer are getting used, so that in some way does make me feel slightly virtuous. I have however promised myself a salad tonight!

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