Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Haddock and Chorizo Paella

Yum, that is all I can say about Monday nights foray into the kitchen.
When I picked up the Mackerel from Gordon on Saturday, Hubby had a bit of a hankering for some Smoked Haddock, he has a thing for poached smoked haddock and a poached egg on top - whenever we go to a Loch Fyne restaurant he is a little predictable. Now I think that is fine for a brunch dish but not for evening meal so with my great love of Mediterranean food I decided on a summery Paella.

Haddock & Chorizo Paella
1 Medium Fillet Undyed Smoked Haddock - cut into chunks
Approx 15cm length Chorizo - sliced thinly
1 Onion Chopped
2 Small cloves Garlic - Finely Chopped
1 Yellow Pepper - sliced into strips (I only had Yellow, use whatever takes your fancy)
Handful or so of Frozen Peas
Half a jar of Roasted Peppers in oil
250g Paella Rice
2 Tsp Pimenton
A few strands of Saffron
1 ltr stock - I used a mix of Vegetable and Chicken stock cubes, add the saffron to the stock.

In a flat Paella pan add some oil and fry the garlic and onions until soft, add the chorizo and yellow pepper for a few minutes until the chorizo has bled out its paprika colour, add the pimenton.

Tip in the rice and make sure it is all coated in the oil, add the stock and season. Bring to boil, then turn heat down and simmer covered for 25-30 mins, stirring occasionally, I used a heat diffuser to help stop the rice sticking.
Check to see how dry and add more stock if necessary, add the roasted peppers, frozen peas and haddock chunks, cover again for a further 10mins or until fish and rice is cooked.

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  1. Oh we liked this one - can we have it again please?



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