Monday, 26 January 2009

The Morning After - Pan Fried Mackerel

As so it was we awoke on Sunday morning. Realising, in my case at least, the dangers of mixing the grape and the grain. A tongue so dry I had to pry it off the roof of my mouth and a niggling muzzy head. Lay in bed hoping that Hubby would get up soon and make a cup tea, as I could not move without one - he did, but glared balefully at me as he went to the kitchen - I think it may have been my turn to make one.

Finally up and dressed, my delicate constitution decided it needed some fuel to burn off the remaining alcohol. We had managed to go into the market yesterday and get all the weeks groceries with out touching a supermarket (barring milk and bread), I happened to have a lovely filleted mackerel from Gordon the Fishmonger. It was so simple all I did was pay fry the seasoned fish in a little oil and serve with bread, butter and slice of lemon - perfect, all the fishy oils soon got to work re-invigorating us.

Unfortunately it did not last too long and we ended up spending the afternoon wallowing on the sofa in front of the TV. I had originally invited the Parents of for Sunday lunch, I was eager to try out a stocky slow roasted belly pork dish from James Martin - 3 and a half hours in the oven - then I burnt it in the last 10mins!!! Luckily no one was up for this - so it was purely a training run, Hubby and I scarfed down the pork once it was cold later afternoon when we were feeling perkier. I will do it again and pay more attention as cold it was delicious.

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