Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Here's Katie!

Here she is my new car Katie, shimmering in the cold winter sunlight. Slowly getting to grips with her and have finally figured out how to change the time on the dash!

With Hubby away with work in Portugal I settled down last night for leftover chicken and mash added a few frozen peas and the remainder of the scrummy onion gravy from Monday. I sat in front of the fire and was able to watch a girly film of my choice without the derisory comments from the corner!

His meal however was far more interesting, the hotel he stays at about 45 mins outside of Oporto has a large open fire place with a bed of hot charcoal, over this is roasted various meats, in his case a small leg of lamb - whilst he sits at the bar munching olives and drinking the local Vihno Verde on tap, his meal is cooking to perfection in the background - he loves his visits to Portugal and has been known to have lamb every night of his stay - I am most envious. I do have a photo he kindly sent over somewhere - if I can find it I will post later.

Tonight I have a chicken carcass just calling out to be turned into soup stock.

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