Friday, 16 January 2009

Stand-by Lasagna

Ok, Ok nothing to see here, move along! The fridge is looking extremely empty at the moment, but I think I can hang out until the weekend before going shopping. So another good old standby was called for and I codged together and very mushroomy beef lasanga (condemned counter mushrooms).

I won't bother with the recipe because everyone has their own and how they like it, but for me making the white/cheese sauce from scratch is a must, none of this cheating in a jar stuff.

For a complete change instead of scarfing the lot, for this is a total favourite dish, hubby and I were reserved and managed to save a couple of portions to freeze. Another of my NY Resolutions is to cook and freeze food for later consumption. So after collecting all the Thai takeaway containers from a recent meal at my parents house I am ready to start freezing meals. I think having so many resolutions makes me feel less guilty when I break, as I know I will, one or more of them.

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